Who We Are

VIKASA Capital is a Boutique Emerging Markets Investment Advisor based in Oklahoma City strengthened with a global presence. We have offices in OKC, NYC, Mauritius, and Grand Cayman.

VIKASA Capital was founded in 2012 in the lingering wake of the Financial Crisis. We wanted to prove that a Financial Services Firm could serve as a positive citizen in the global community as well as provide maximum value for investors. Our view is the world is growingly inter-dependent. Sound financial policy can create positive changes reverberating through the world. We have offices in OKC, NYC, Mauritius, and Grand Cayman.

VIKASA is able to access lucrative emerging markets in a tax efficient and compliant manner by utilizing our off shore platforms strategically located in Grand Cayman and Mauritius. Our offshore platforms are domiciled in efficient tax jurisdictions and utilize international tax treaties, and other such agreements, to provide the most efficient investment vehicles.

VIKASA was designed to be an independent and secure platform for true exposure to Emerging Markets. Our entire platform is 100% vertically integrated. We manage every step of the process. In the modern climate of economic opaqueness in the industry, VIKASA is fully transparent because we can verify the segregation of assets. We provide peace of mind for true exposure to Emerging Markets. Our Firm is more than 91% Employee owned and based in Oklahoma City.

Emerging markets require a special skill set. The complex international regulations often preclude true EM exposure. We only invest into Emerging Markets, that is our expertise.

We believe in building bridges between our community and the growing communities in Emerging Markets. VIKASA provides access to the alpha these markets generate while promoting positive social change both abroad and here at home.

Through our subsidiaries and partners, we offer Institutions and Sophisticated Investors exposure to Global Markets to add diversification to their portfolio with a focus on Emerging Market Equities.

VIKASA Capital’s international infrastructure gives us the ability to invest into all markets in a tax and cost efficient manner. We are able to design specific allocations for specific needs. Our focus is only in Emerging Markets. EM can provide unique challenges which require expertise to navigate.  VIKASA is completely independent of any relationships with brokers, dealers, investment managers or banks. This independence allows us to offer unbiased views in our aim to do what’s best for each individual client and fund.

Roshan Pujari

CEO / Founder

VIKASA Capital, and through its various subsidiaries, is regulated by the the State of Oklahoma, the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Sub-Account, a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Manager from the FSC, a Protected Cell Company from the FSC, and a Form D Exemption from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) of the USA.

The VIKASA Global Network